10 Best English TV Series all the time Hits

Nowadays most the English TV series like the Hollywood movies, this is the reason many people watching the TV Series around the world. Also, some TV series made with perfection and high budget rather than the movies. Here we have listed best English TV series all the time.


1. Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones first episode started on to 17 April 2011 and still, this moved to the different episode. This story several royal people desire the Iron Thrones to control the Westeros. This series most of the episode like the Hollywood movie scenes.


2. Sherlock

Sherlock TV series

Sherlock first episode started on 25th July 2010, this is one of the best detective stories in the English series. Its creator Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, most of the people like this series based on this direction and screenplay.


3. The X-files

the-X-Files TV series

Ths X-Files is a science fiction series, its first episode started on September 10, 1993. Based on this series many Hollywood film produced such as residential evil.


4. House of Cards

house-of-cards TV series

House of Cards is the Award winning TV series, this story the secretary of the state take revenge who betrayed him. Its first episode date 1st February 2013 and the director James Foley made the perfect TV series.


5. Black Mirror

Black-Mirror TV series

Black Mirror is anthology TV series, this story a group of people personal lives and the technology how to manipulate their behaviors and Its telecast since 2011.


6. Line of Duty

line-of-duty TV series

A line of Duty is the police investigation story, this series telecast by BBC one channel. This series started with 2012, most of the people like this series so, still the episode extend.


7. The Fall

the-fall TV series

The Fall is the psychological thriller series, this story based on serials killer and the female detective agent. This telecast on 2013 to 2016 and this series nominated for many television series awards.


8. WestWorld

westworld TV series

WestWord story is the incident of the futuristic Western-themed amusement park. This series produced with different concept and technology. This series telecast from 2016 and one of the best technologist addict series.


9. Mr. Robot

Mr-Robot TV series

Mr. Robot is the cyber security engineer working on the corporation company, some one chooses to him and makes the order to destroy the same corporation who is currently working. This series first episode telecast 24th June 2015.


10. The Office

the-office TV Program

The office is based on the American every office story, its telecast on NBC TV from 2005 to 2013. It’s creator Greg Daniels more concentrate on the action and logics of the stories.


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