10 Powerful Armies around the World

Around the world, all countries spend the high budget for their armies, after the second world war most of the countries added the nuclear weapons in their army. Here we have listed 10 most powerful and strongest armies around the world.


1.United States


The United States spends the budget of $577 billion per year, this is really very huge budget from any other countries. US armies have 1,400,000 soldiers, 13850 Aircraft, and 8850 Tanks. This army can face any type of situation and weather conditions. in this army, already many war experience with different countries land.




Russia is the second largest army around the world, this army has 765,000 soldiers, 3430 Aircraft, 15400 tanks. Also, they make the budget for $60 billion per year. In this army using many latest technology weapons, so they can manage any kind of war situations.




China is the largest army in the Asia continent, it uses 2,330,000 troops, 2860 Aircraft, 9160 Tanks. Its yearly budget $145 billion. Also using the cutting-edge technology weapons in their army, it uses 50 conventional submarines including 13 nuclear-powered submarines.



Indian Army

India is the second largest army in Asia continent, it uses 1,325,000 troops and 317,720 Aircraft, 6464 Tanks. It’s spending for the budget is $38 billion and this only country uses the camel forces for its army in Punjab borders.


5. France

France Army

France is the largest army in Europe, 203,000 troops, 1264 fighter flights, and 423 battle tanks. Its budget is $40 billion and it has the most powerful nuclear weapon carrier muscle.


6. United Kingdom


The UK is the second-largest army in Europe, it has 147,000 troops, 936 battle flights, 407 strongest iron tanks. It is the fifth highest budget army around the world.


7. South Korea


South Korea is using the sixth largest fleet of aircraft, 624,000 troops, and 2381 battle tanks. Its budget $33 billion, also it has eighth largest navy in the world. It most threatens country is North Korea, so they increase their budget for their army.


8. Japan


Japan has fifth largest fleet Aircraft, it has 247,000 troops, 678 battle tanks. Its budget $42 billion and its navy is the fourth largest navy in the world. After 1945 incident they are strongly building their Airforces.


9. Germany

Germany most powerful army, they have the strong economy so they spend the money a decent amount. In this army has 179,000 troops, 663 Aircraft, and 408 tanks, also its budget is $40 billion per year.


10. Turkey

Turkey has the well-established army in Europe, it has 411,000 soldiers, 1020 fighter flights, and 3770 Tanks. Its yearly budget is $18 billion. Now they face the biggest issue is the terrorist attack, so they build the most powerful army to prepare the war.


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