Top 10 software companies around the world in 2016

Software industry always tried to increase its turnover, every year at least 1000 new software companies started their operations. Many companies established their business worldwide, here we have listed top 10 software companies around the world.


1. Microsoft


Microsoft is everyone knew very well and world largest software development company. Every year it started the new product based application and make a successful business. Its yearly turnover 85.32 billion USD.


2. IBM


IBM started as the Hardware development after that its enter the software development, now it is one of the world leading software development company. It’s established its business in many countries around the world and Its yearly turnover 79.92 billion USD.


3. Hewlett Packard


Hewlett-Packard is another one powerful hardware development company, it also develops the software for many solutions. Its yearly turnover 52.11 billion USD.


4. Cisco


Cisco is powerful networking devices software development company, its application using for Networking, Wireless and Mobility and Data Center Security. Its yearly turnover 49.24 billion USD.


5. Oracle


Oracle is multinational computer technology software development company, its application focus on Communications, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, Hospitality and Much more industries. Its yearly turnover 37.38 billion Euro.


6. SAP


SAP is the German based ERP software development, its application using most of the largest factories. Its ERP software is more powerful application around the world and Its yearly turnover 22.06 billion Euro.


7. Salesforce


Salesforce is another one famous Cloud computing company, its customer relationship management helpful for solving the entire marketing business process. Its yearly turnover 8.39 billion USD.


8. VMWare


VMWare is the cloud computing and platform virtualization software development company. Its most powerful products are Networking & Security, Network Functions Virtualization. Its yearly turnover 7.09 billion USD.


9. Adobe


Adobe is the famous design software development company, its amazing Photoshop software using each and every people. Its yearly turnover 4.79 billion USD.


10. Symantec


Symantec is security software development company, its provide the solutions of Endpoint & Hybrid cloud security, Information Protection, and Web & Cloud security. Its yearly turnover 3.6 billion USD.


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